Breivik Camping is a small, friendly, family camp site with a long tradition!

We are the fourth generation of the family to run Breivik Camping. Our background as an established family business is at the heart of all we do to this day. Brevik Campings is a place for the whole family - all year round!

Breivik Camping is owned and run by Carina Bjelland Brekke and Roar Brekke. We took over the business in 2017 from Eva Bjelland (Carina's mother). Eva and husband Oa had been at the helm since 1978, having taken over from Oa's mother Josefine Andrea Bjelland. The campsite was established in 1962 by Carina's grandmother and great-grandfather on land that had been in the family since 1948.

We look forward to many exciting years to come.